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Raised on his family ranch in Fresno, Kevin Cookingham learned the value of hard work while picking crops, tending to the livestock. He attended Clovis High School and wrestled for the 1974-1976 State Championship teams where he was a three time valley champion and placed twice in state championships. While in High School, Kevin also found his passion to serve others. This sparked his interest in missions work, both at home and abroad.

During his tenure with CUSD, Kevin developed an extensive Student Assistance Program supporting student success. Students in this program experienced a ninety-percent increase in grades and attendance. His reputation for success would find him at the helm of both the Clovis Online School and Clovis Adult Education. While Principal, Clovis Online grew from 12 students to 550 students and Clovis Adult doubled its number of academic graduates. Kevin was recognized for his achievements when he was named Clovis Unified School District Administrator of the Year.

Kevin served as a Board Member for Hume Lake Christian Camps where he spent five years as the Director of Programs and the Director of Development. With over 45,000 campers each year, Kevin played an integral role in starting and developing the Hume Charter School and expanding the camping ministry on site and throughout the world.

Kevin and his wife Kelli have raised their children here in Fresno County and now enjoy sharing this community with their three grandchildren.

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I have known Kevin Cookingham and his family for over three decades. He is a man of conviction and has one reason for running for the 16th congressional district; he wants to provide wins for this community. Kevin is a developer not a maintainer. Vote for Kevin and you will quickly see what a strong leader can do who truly cares about this community and has a passion for success.

Jim Patterson


Men of Kevin Cookingham’s qualifications are absolutely essential if we, as a nation, are to be lead with the integrity, wisdom and intelligence he so abundantly possesses.  I have observed, at close range, for over 40 years, Kevin’s leadership skills demonstrated in sensitive roles, and I have known only a few who possess the qualifications needed to lead us as a nation.   What a blessing it would be if he were elected to the United States House of Representatives.

Jack Hannah

We are proud to endorse Kevin Cookingham for Congress (CA-16).

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