On the issues

Back-to-Basics Education

Politicians in Washington DC and Sacramento have neglected our kid’s educational needs while using the public-school system for their own social engineering agenda. As an educator with twenty-five years of experience, I am fully aware of the deceptive curriculum being imposed on our students, parents and teachers. We need to get back to the basics of equipping students with the fundamentals while expanding options for vocational education and trade schools.

Working to attract new business and create jobs

The 16th district’s unemployment rate in 2018 was 16.9%. This is almost five times the national average! As the Principal of Clovis Adult School, my staff and I had tremendous success with job training and community networking, successfully placing students in real world jobs. As your congressman I will continue to focus on employment preparedness and job creation, so all our districts residents will have the opportunity to better paying jobs.

Fighting for lower taxes

We need tax-reform, not new tax bills. The tax code is far too complicated and rewards or penalizes behavior. We need a tax code that is simplified, unlike the current one where those that can afford high priced accountants or lawyers to unravel it, are the biggest beneficiaries. While I applaud Congress for passing the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it was flawed, instituting a politically motivated State and Local Tax (SALT) cap that has cost Central Valley residents millions. I support repealing the SALT cap and will work to pass real tax reform.

Tackling our homeless problem

We are spending billions of dollars on homelessness in California, and yet our homeless population continues to grow. Government solutions like providing clean needles have only exacerbated the problem. Let’s be honest, homelessness is mainly a drug, alcohol and mental health issue. Faith based organizations have a history of success in treating these issues. I will seek out and empower these nonprofits, as opposed to throwing money at failed government solutions.

Creating new water storage

Our Central Valley is the bread basket of America and water is its lifeline. We must create new water storage below and above ground like Temperance Flat Dam, while adding more efficient transport. We must also explore new technological and conservation methods that won’t burden farmers or consumers. Our current representatives have kowtowed to environmental and big city special interests, I won’t! I will always put the needs of Valley residents first.

Investing in healthcare for our impoverished and Veterans

In California, we have over 800 Community Health Clinics. These clinics provide care regardless of income level or citizenship. Also, no person can be turned away from a hospital emergency room. We are a compassionate Country and State. I believe that health care is a fundamental need, health insurance is not. Investing in proper health care facilities for the impoverished and our Veterans is the right thing to do.

Protecting our border from criminals

Our southern border needs to be secured! Many immigrants cross our border seeking a better life, yet there is still a pervasive criminal element that is using our unsecured border to traffic drugs and children. For those that are seeking a better life, we need to reform our immigration system so they are not waiting in line for years. We have the technology to both secure the border and create an expeditious vetting system; we just need to stop playing politics with people lives and get it done.

Standing up for people of faith

There have been many attacks on our constitutional right to religious freedom. It is now common for schools, businesses and government agencies to discriminate against people of faith; this is wrong! I will always defend the Constitution and fight for everyone’s religious freedom.